Activist Eyewear

For Activist Eyewear their name is more than just a name. A fundamental principal in their design process, the brand rejects the process of large-scale industrial production, instead priding themselves in creating limited-edition series of sunglasses in small batches. Founder and creative director Mark Craig cut his teeth working on shades for big brands like Michael Kors and Nike, but his passion coalesced as Activist, with a goal of producing glasses that marry high functionality with style.Crafted in Japan, the glasses are first designed in Brooklyn, where Activist is based. As a nod to their local area code, Activist produces only 718 pairs of sunglasses in each colorway, which also guarantees you get a pretty unique set of frames. Currently there are three models available, but every pair features their signature Split Fit arm, which evens out the pressure usually situated at the temple. This not only ups the comfort level, but also gives them a more secure fit. Starting with the basics, Activists styles are based on the classics: Wayfarer, Aviator and Lennons. In addition to their progressive fit, Activist kits out their specs with top quality lenses featuring an

via Activist Eyewear.

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