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Apple’s Biggest Challenge with the iPad – AppleMatters

You\’ve heard all the moaning about the iPad\’s supposed shortcomings—no camera, no flash support, App store only etc. You can safely ignore the complaints because they are written by the over-teched. Those who are intimate with technology to the point … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Activate Your Brand’s Super Influencers

via Mashable! Ben Straley is the Co-Founder and CEO of Meteor Solutions, whose leading technology and services platform increases campaign … Read More >>

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Is RockMelt the Social Web Browser We\’ve Been Waiting For?

The new socially savvy web browser, RockMelt, entered private beta on Sunday and is already becoming a viral web hit, thanks in large part to the Facebook-authenticated invitation scheme it uses.RockMelt isn’t the first product to try to take on … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Maximizing Engagement With Facebook Likes and Shares

When it comes to Facebook, if you’re uncertain where and when to place a “Like” button on your site and when to use “Share,” you’re not alone. Social sharing technologies have evolved significantly in the past several months, but it’s … Continue reading

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Twenty Technologies That Can Give You Super Powers: Cape Not Included – BusinessWeek

    Cape Not IncludedSending a man to outer space once seemed but fantasy—a vision out of a comic book—until scientists and engineers proved that space travel is possible, sans cape and spandex suit. Indeed, companies such as Virgin Galactic … Continue reading

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ESPN aims for female audience with espnW –

Selling ESPN specifically to women might not seem sensible.But ESPN, always on the prowl for spinoffs, wants to target women with espnW.As ESPN vice president Laura Gentile notes, ESPN\’s own research finds \ via ESPN aims for female audience with … Continue reading

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Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On?

I knew I would be touching a raw nerve with my last two posts, on patents. But I was really surprised at the divergence of … Continue reading

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