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Design that rethinks it’s purpose.

May the force of Typography be with you

via Core77 Fresh posters from H-75 for a very special type of Star Wars geek! via swissmiss(more…) Read More >> Advertisements

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Fast Co. interviews Astro Studios on the design of the Boxee

via Core77 If I told you you had to design a two-sided remote control, how would you deal with the problem of accidentally pressing … Read More >>

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Unlogo Intro on Vimeo

Introduction to my current project, Unlogo. We are at the beginning of a very big job, but we are making progress. via Unlogo Intro on Vimeo.

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Get to the Point: How Jimmy Choo Boosted Its Brand With CatchaChoo

From April to June, luxury shoe vendor Jimmy Choo leapt into tennis-shoe production and social media with a splash: It dreamed up CatchaChoo, a “trainer hunt” that united the real and digital worlds on a quest to capture free sneakers. The … Continue reading

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Leather MP3 Watches – The ‘iLoveHandles Rock Band’ Turns Your Nano into a Rockin’ Watch (GALLERY)

via TREND HUNTER – The Latest Trends Listen to your iPod Nano without fear of it falling out of your pocket or being eaten by a passing bird with the … Read More >>

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The Colors of the Web’s Superbrands [INFOGRAPHIC]

via Mashable! What colors do the web’s most powerful brands use to distinguish themselves from others? The folks from COLOURlovers … Read More >>

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ABC’s New iPad App Syncs with TV for Interactive Programming

via Mashable! The iPad is an entertainment device on its own, but it’s also proving to be a perfect second screen companion to the … Read More >>

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