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Statistics that begin to tell a story.

Will Netflix Kill the Internet? – BusinessWeek

    By any measure, Netflix (NFLX) is having a really good year. Its subscriber base jumped by 52 percent in the third quarter, and its stock price has doubled since July 1. Analysts and customers are bullish about the … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Maximizing Engagement With Facebook Likes and Shares

When it comes to Facebook, if you’re uncertain where and when to place a “Like” button on your site and when to use “Share,” you’re not alone. Social sharing technologies have evolved significantly in the past several months, but it’s … Continue reading

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Big cable loses 500,000 subscribers in Q3, we neglect to send flowers — Engadget

    Last quarter was the first time ever that US pay TV subscription rates were down. Now, according to GigaOM\’s calculations, big cable suffered another set back in Q3, waving goodbye to over 500,000 subscribers in total. Comcast was … Continue reading

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rb.trends» Blog Archive » Texting

    Teen text messages hit new high: 6 an hour, 3339 a month “That’s the (somewhat stupendous) number of text messages the average American teen sends every month, according to Nielsen, which recently crunched data from 60,000 cell phone … Continue reading

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Now For Sale On Apple’s iBookstore: Microsoft Press, O’Reilly Media Books

via TechCrunch Starting today, O’Reilly Media will be selling some 600 titles in Apple’s iBookstore, along with almost 150 more from (yes, … Read More >>

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Survey Says… DIY Market Research Firm GutCheck Scores $2 Million In Series A Funding

via TechCrunch On AMC’s Mad Men, whenever ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce needs qualitative market research they arrange a focus group, … Read More >>

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U.S. Online Advertising Rises 11.3 Percent In First Half Of 2010

via TechCrunch Online advertising is showing healthy gains this year. During the first half of 2010, online advertising revenues were up … Read More >>

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